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I just wanted to write you guys and thank you so much for actually putting together a product that really works. I have been cursed with a smaller than average penis all of my life. All of my relationships have suffered from the same problem. I had even started trying to find small girls to date, so the disparity between my penis and their vagina was less. Even then, I was disappointed. I then went on the internet and decided to put a stop to my problem.

A year and literally hundreds of dollars later, my penis was still the same size. Each program that guaranteed results did not work for me. After my extraordinary disappointment, I found your ProEnhance website.

I figured I might as well give them a try, I was AMAZED when a month later, I noticed my penis seemed bigger. I decided to measure it and it had increased by half an inch in length. I measured its girth and it also increased. I can't believe your program actually works! Thank you, I have more confidence in bed and I love having sex now. Senkosol - SanDiego, USA

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I wanted to let you guys at ProEnhance to know that you are my saviors. My wife was fed up with my tiny penis. She preferred a dildo over my penis. To make matters worse, the dildo wasnít even that big Ė it was pretty average size. She didnít need a huge penis, itís just that my penis was SO SMALL. Fully erect, I would measure between 4 and 5 inches depending on how keen I was.

My wife found you on the internet after I voiced my interest on getting a bigger penis (she was pretty excited about the prospect of a bigger penis) and we decided to give you a go. What a difference! In 2 months, my penis measured about 5.5 inches in length. It thickened up proportionally and 5 months later it's a full 6.5 inches! I went from under average to above average in 5 months! My wife probably thanks you more than I do!

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Your penis patches are the wonder product of the century. I was on an internet forum and ProEnhance Penis Patches were mentioned as being a successful choice. I started with a 2 month supply and after noticing a significant amount of growth (I was not measuring so I cannot be 100% accrete) I bought another 3 months supply.

All of the women I have slept with would thank you if they new what you have done for me! I've seen an incredible increase of about 1.5 inches overall. Your product is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who has a small or average penis and wants something bigger and better for themselves.

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